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you know, apart from the fact that Stephen Dillane has played both of them, I can’t think of a single similarity between Thomas Jefferson and Stannis Baratheon

I mean, Jefferson would be a Tyrell, right?

I once put him under House Baratheon but I’m now inclined to agree he’s a Tyrell. Still think Hamilton’s a Stark, Burr a Lannister, and Adams a Tully tho.

Who would be a Targaryen then? 

King George III

You know you’re a History Peep when…






You still get upset thinking about the Fourth Crusade.

New biographies get you excited.

You get angry about an event that occurred in the life of your favorite historical figure 150 years ago…

You hate it when academics talk smack about your favorite historical person, and respond with an essay high at least six in text citations.

Your favorite historical period got hijacked by the Tea Baggers and it really pisses you off because you can’t wear AmRev stuff without being associated with those assholes.

You have a crush on someone who’s been dead for over two hundred years